Swimbait Season!

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Swimbait Season!

Swimbait Season in the Southwest desert is among us! After an unseasonably warm spell, the air is turning colder and the big bass are being pushed by nature’s forces to eat less often, metabolize slower, and prepare for incoming changes in weather in the form of cold fronts. What does this mean for anglers? It means we get to throw extra large swimbaits to giants that are feeding in shallow waters on larger presentations. Also, in the salt river chain lakes a new baitfish shows up, trout…yes, trout! They are stocked by the Arizona Game and Fish for the enjoyment of recreational anglers and trophy bass alike.

This year I have seen the most exciting behavior from these large fish such as throwing stocker trout in the air into cartwheels, pushing them out of the water onto shore and even one trout that started sprinting for dear life, porpoising like a dolphin until it violently crashed into a water duck. I can only wonder if he made it out alive.
Manny Chee outdoors has been hard at work testing all the latest swimbaits, some easy to find, some are top secret tools from the orient. They all have their time and place, which must be learned by spending time on the water. Countless casts, tail slaps, watching the baits at all times for chasing fish I call “followers” that sometimes commit to bite within feet of the boat, testing an angler’s wits to not set the hook too early. Swimbait fishing has been called an addiction by some, and the similarities are scarily clear. Draining of bank accounts, lack of sleep, complete loss of focus, floating around with other addicts at strange hours of the morning…The list goes on but the reward can be life changing. This is a game of few bites where success is metered in weeks not individual trips. The next bite could be your personal best, that story of the one that didn’t get away. Currently we are seeing at least two bites per angler per day, any one of these trips could send us home with more than 20 pounds of Largemouth Bass caught and released to fight another day. Manny Chee Outdoors has put in the work to provide anglers with all the fun of swimbait fishing without the addiction. Book a trip today for your opportunity to join the big bait crew! Photo Dec 04, 9 59 21 AM

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