Kincanon Custom Baits Rat Review

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One could say as a swimbait angler, that one of the most exciting types of swimbaits to fish is a “Rat”! It mixes all the best features into one menacing package. A rat bait is a large profile topwater presentation targeting large fish that are actively feeding shallow, and looking toward the surface. There’s a special aggression and explosion the a rat bait produces. When a fish commits to eating a small mammal it has crossed a sacred line. The aquatic world belongs to the predatory fish we chase but once that fish chooses to venture into our world it has to do so with full commitment. A rat, or any other rodent has claws, teeth, and a voracious will to survive and reproduce. They will not give up these rights without a fight. Largemouth Bass know this for a fact! When they hit a rodent they must hit it hard, turn immediately to take it under water and start to work those crushers into subduing their prey or risk serious injury. As anglers this means we get to witness one of natures great predators destroy our bait with full force. Half the fun of fishing hard baits is the actual swimming of the lure, we get to imitate our adversary’s prey while hunting the predator. We are the masters of deception!

Kincanon Rat Review from Manny Chee Outdoors on Vimeo.

Enter the realm of Kincanon Custom Baits. Jason Kincanon has been targeting trophy fish most of his life and has gathered a knowledge of big baits and presentations that few have. Kincanon has been creating his own swimbaits for at least 3 years and has been modifying baits for as long as he can remember. He has launched his own venture in the swimbait market with the introduction of two very unique rat baits. One is a 4 piece 13″ resin poured multi jointed lipless rat. The other is a 3 piece version which is also lipless, but of a completely different action.
The 4 piece Kincanon Rat: Most rat baits have a plastic or hard material bill to create a wake style presentation. They are generally known for having wood materials and hinges that act in conjunction to create a noisy bait that pushes water. The Kinacanon rat is very different from a fundamental aspect. It is a silent rat bait with no lip that is made to mimic the actual natural swim of a rat! Rats are at home in the water and have a smooth swim. They do not knock and ping and create massive destruction in the water, they glide away quietly. Not to say that the other rat baits are not productive, we all know they are, but these are very natural and serve to give anglers that unique edge we always seek. This reflects in Jason Kincanon’s bait designs. The 4 piece is a heavy float that sits low in the surface with its head, and part of its back out of the water. It weighs in at 5 ounces and measures 13″ with the tail. The joints are tight and give a great profile when viewed from underneath with the sun projecting overhead, not much light penetrates through the bait. The 4 piece rat keeps a very natural, one piece look, as opposed to the normal 2 piece baits. The real magic is in the swim! Kincanon has developed a rear swimming rat that gracefully articulates through the surface film. This bait is meant to be steadily retrived in a natural swimming motion, dead sticked with twitches and also does a good job of “walking the dog”. A very interesting presentation that Kincanon shared with me is the death roll, created by a sharp rod jerk. The rat goes up on it’s side in a throw of death appearance. Acording to sources it has been a very productive technique in Northern California waters… shhhhhh, keep it quiet!

kincanon squad
kincanon 4

The 3 piece rat is a very different beast. Although similar in appearance, it serves a separate purpose. This bait has bigger ears compared to its size. These ears have a very unique function, they work almost like the cupped mouth on a popper style bait. The 3 piece is designed for topwater action given by rod movements in a “walk the dog” or popper style. The bait walks very easily and changes directions with a pop from the ears. The perfect mix of popper and walker in a rat type profile! The 3 piece measures in at approximately 10″ with the tail and weighs 2.5 ounces.

kincanon 3
kincanon 3.5
Both rats come from Kincanon with Gamakatsu 1/0 trebles. The 4 piece has two trebles and the 3 piece has 1 treble connected to oval split rings. No split ring or snap is needed in the front tie in. After speaking with Jason I learned that when too much free movement is given it can have an affect on the ability of the bait to make directional changes. It becomes easier to walk the dog and make the bait do more erratic movements when tied directly to the front tie in loop. Both baits are a resin material and all are perfectly balanced by Jason Kinacanon. Rats are delivered in a clamshell type package and come ready for action out of the box. I can’t wait to throw these around the Arizona lakes for Largemouth, Smallmouth, and Striped Bass, Northern Pike and even big trophy Brown Trout. They won’t know what hit them!

Jason Kincanon is taking orders on rats through his facebook or email: Prices for the rats are as follows: $100 plus shipping for the 4 piece and $80 plus shipping for the 3 piece. Get your order in today! Follow Jason Kincanon on facebook for pictures, and the latest bait releases as more follow…

Watch the Manny Chee Outdoors video review to see these amazing baits in action!


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