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Kincanon Custom Baits Rat Review

Posted on August 11th, by manny in Blog. No Comments

One could say as a swimbait angler, that one of the most exciting types of swimbaits to fish is a “Rat”! It mixes all the best features into one menacing package. A rat bait is a large profile topwater presentation targeting large fish that are actively feeding shallow, and looking toward the surface. There’s a special aggression and explosion the a rat bait produces. When a fish commits to eating a small mammal it has crossed a sacred line. The aquatic world belongs to the predatory fish we chase but once that fish chooses to venture into our world it has to do so with full commitment. A rat, or any other rodent has claws, teeth, and a voracious will to survive and reproduce. They will not give up these rights without a fight. Largemouth Bass know this for a … Read More »

Product Review: Bass Knuckles Clothing

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Product Review Bass Knuckles from Manny Chee Outdoors on Vimeo.

It’s 2013 and I’m a dedicated angler at age 35. People my age saw the birth of MTV and hip-hop. We wore van’s shoes and took skate boarding from a crime to the public park. We are a generation that saw pay phones turn into cell phones and beepers turn into ipads. I even remember my first computer had no hard drive! We are now the future, we are now the creators of our passion. That passion is fishing, and even further down that progression is swimbait culture. Some people from my generation created empires in the skateboard industry like Tony Hawk, others adapted that to the snow like Shawn White. The one thing in common with these industries is that they have a variety of choices … Read More »

Proper Stripping Technique for Fly Fishing

Posted on December 23rd, by manny in Blog. 2 comments

The other day at a presentation a person asked me “what is the most common error I see in my fly fishing guide trips”. My answer was without a doubt stripping technique. Maybe this is due to the fact that most fly fisherman are trained on trout rivers and streams with moving water. That being said, most trout anglers have also at some point experienced lake fishing, or will in the future. Even in streams and rivers, many anglers are realizing the value of throwing big streamers to aggressive browns and big rainbows. The proper stripping technique is something that I learned from salt water flats guides where the fishing is extremely technical and any mistake made by the angler will be taken advantage of by the fish. This materializes in lost fish, hookups missed, and on a tough day, … Read More »

A Retrospective Look at Manny Chee Outdoors

Posted on December 23rd, by manny in Blog. 1 Comment

After an amazing launch of the website and incredible support of the facebook page, I have been overwhelmed by the network of people behind me. It has led me to think in retrospect of the people that have been instrumental in creating the fishing machine that is Manny Chee Outdoors. Of course, the first people that come to mind are my father and mother. I was very lucky to be born to a family of hunters and anglers with a cultural belief that children come first. Thanks mom and dad!

When I was young and riding my bike with kids from the neighborhood to the local urban ponds I got the idea that I needed an inflatable raft to catch fish. This idea led to the eventual purchase of the family’s first boat, a 365V Ranger Bass Boat. This heavily glittered … Read More »

Swim Spoiler Fly for Bass

Posted on December 17th, by manny in Fly Fishing. 1 Comment

From the depths of the Tie-Chee fly tying laboratory comes a killer fly for smallmouth bass in Arizona. The Swim Spoiler. It’s an articulated and much larger version of the “Boiler Spoiler”, a fly created for summertime bass fishing patterns. At that time, the small shad were being chased into balls near the surface and the bass would “boil”, crash the surface. The shad get launched in the air, skip on the surface in escape, and usually get hammered. A fly that can dart erratically and stay in the subsurface strike zone suffers the same fate.

With winter looming, a great opportunity comes to bass anglers in search of big fish on the fly. With water temperatures slowly cooling, the metabolism of the bass follows and the big fish come out to eat bigger prey. … Read More »

Swimbait Season!

Posted on December 12th, by manny in Light Tackle Bass Fishing. No Comments

Swimbait Season in the Southwest desert is among us! After an unseasonably warm spell, the air is turning colder and the big bass are being pushed by nature’s forces to eat less often, metabolize slower, and prepare for incoming changes in weather in the form of cold fronts. What does this mean for anglers? It means we get to throw extra large swimbaits to giants that are feeding in shallow waters on larger presentations. Also, in the salt river chain lakes a new baitfish shows up, trout…yes, trout! They are stocked by the Arizona Game and Fish for the enjoyment of recreational anglers and trophy bass alike.

This year I have seen the most exciting behavior from these large fish such as throwing stocker trout in the air into cartwheels, pushing them out of the water onto shore and even one … Read More »

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