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Swim Spoiler Fly for Bass

Posted on December 17th, by manny in Fly Fishing. 1 Comment

From the depths of the Tie-Chee fly tying laboratory comes a killer fly for smallmouth bass in Arizona. The Swim Spoiler. It’s an articulated and much larger version of the “Boiler Spoiler”, a fly created for summertime bass fishing patterns. At that time, the small shad were being chased into balls near the surface and the bass would “boil”, crash the surface. The shad get launched in the air, skip on the surface in escape, and usually get hammered. A fly that can dart erratically and stay in the subsurface strike zone suffers the same fate.

With winter looming, a great opportunity comes to bass anglers in search of big fish on the fly. With water temperatures slowly cooling, the metabolism of the bass follows and the big fish come out to eat bigger prey. … Read More »